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I'm a lucky man to have Inola in my life. I've been through a lot and we work on spirituality on a daily basis and she is a great inspiration to me and how I choose to live my life. William T Jackson, NJ

Inola practices what she teaches, doing the work to keep mind and heart open to receiving Divine inspiration, answers and Heavenly insights. She is a clear channel, a conduit for the Angels to bring healing and help to those in need. I highly recommend Inola's services and classes to anyone who's lost their way in need of a shift or lift. Searching for answers, or looking to create more meaning in their life by deepening their spiritual connection. Inola is Awesome! Krista-Lynn Ashville, NC

Meeting Inola has been a great experience. Although met through a mutual friend and not actual met in person. I immediately felt a spiritual connection that is so real. Anyone can say they are spiritual but unless you know the true meaning you cannot connection on such a level. As I was feeling disconnected, I spoke with her via facetime and she has helped me back onto my journey and guidance. During our process of working together I have now secured a great job, have sparked my creativity again by making handmade soaps, I have let go of negative people in my life .Inola has made a huge impact on my life.  She is truly an Angel and I would highly recommend anyone needing any guidance to definitely contact her, Thank You Inola for all your guidance. I am now back on my journey living the life the Universe intended, and able to have Faith and Trust in the Universe. Staci G Weston, FL 

This site has helped a lot. Inola did my Angel card reading, it was right on! It was very helpful. She really knows how to help people. I'm in a very bad place right now and if it wasn't for Inola I don't know how I would handle it. She is very smart and intuitive. I would strongly recommend a reading and her guidance outcome from the Angel cards! Gail G Old Bridge, NJ

I just had the best Angel card reading with Inola. It was very informative and gave me back some confidence that I had lost in myself. We had the reading on the grass under a tree and we had so much fun! I would definitely recommend Inola's Angel card readings! Julie K Ocean, NJ

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