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Angel Card Message

Updated: Nov 22, 2020

Hello and thank you for joining me. Today I would like to share a experience that happened a few years  ago while at a friends house. I was at a friend's retirement party. He invited me over to do Angel Card Readings. Of course, I said

yes! I arrived early while they were still setting up. I picked a spot in the house downstairs away from all the traffic of people coming into the house. I have a mini chalk board which I wrote down Angel Card Readings downstairs.

 Before everyone started to arrive, my friend John asked me to do a reading for him. As we were talking, I said to him your wife is standing next to you. He got chocked up as we were talking. She passed away about four years ago. He’s so lost without her. They were soul mates and were together for many years. I handed him the deck of Angel Oracle cards that I use a lot. I said think of your question as you shuffle the cards. Well, as he was shuffling the cards one card fell out onto the floor face down. I said to him, I believe there is a message for you from your wife. He looked and me and slowly picked up the card. He looked at the card then showed it to me. It said Hello from Heaven. Tears flowed down his check. He was doing his best to try to control himself. I told him that our loved ones are always there. They are a thought away as John found out. He said thank you for the message.  I said you're welcome, but the message was not from me, it was from your wife. He smiled with tears still flowing from his eyes. He asked me how did that happened? I told him you were thinking of your wife who you love so much. The oracle cards pick up what is on your subconscious mind. When you were shuffling the cards thinking you see one side of the cards and the universe sees the other side of the cards. I explained to him that there is energy around us that we cannot see. There are other dimensions within our earthly plane. People were arriving so he had to wipe his eyes and go upstairs to greet them.

I had a lot of people come to me for a reading that day. Even the guys, like firemen. I did one reading after another. I felt good at the end of the day leaving. Knowing that I gave people messages that they needed to hear. A few of them had tears in their eyes, some had the wow look, others were curious. I know that John kept that experience in his heart until his last breath. He is now with his wife. R.I.P. my friend, I will never forget you John. 

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