• Inola Francisco

Seeing my Soul

Back in July of 2014, I attended an intense 4-day Spiritual Teaching Certification workshop with Charles Virtue. I will never forget this date, July 28th. It was the last class of the 4 days. The energy was very high and some of us were a little emotional because it was the last day, we all became like a family. Through the day we did a number of meditations, we were relaxed. To receive our certification from Charles we had to do a 15-20 minute presentation. The very last student had us do a meditation. This one was different from the others. She set the intention that we will see our soul. We relaxed and went into a meditative state. It did not take very long for my Soul to reveal itself to me. It was awesome! I was in awe at what I saw, emotional feelings came up. It was the moment when I saw my true self. The God part of me. I was able to hold the vision for about 30 seconds. What I saw was the outline of my body, the mass of energy within (Soul) and different pastel colors that were so amazing. I am so grateful to have this opportunity to see the true self that is connected with the universe. After this experience I felt growth from within and saw people in a different way. I did not just see humans, I saw their Soul. It really was an eye opening experience.

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