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Life Coaching to Discover Your Purpose

Everything happens for a reason... whether that means our lives are predestined or that we create blessings out of our curses. Join me as we explore our true path, as we uncover our deepest calling to live our greater purpose in life. Be authentically YOU and live in alignment with who you came here to become. Before you begin, I want to make it clear that this is not your typical program where I want you to read and listen to content in order to develop an understanding of your purpose. This is a program that will require your active participation, reflection, and introspection so that you can get the most out of it. You see, your purpose is unique to you and your journey. Therefore, no one can define your purpose for you. However, with the right tools you can determine the answer to this very question. Each segment of this program is designed to dig deeper and give you the tools to go within, to help you find how to align with your higher purpose and how to live in integrity with it.

This is a term that we may hear often, and the question is--what does it mean? And, do we believe it? Is it something that we tell ourselves to feel better when something goes bad in our life? Well, I guess that depends on your view of life, but what it comes down to is we either grow from our experiences or let our experience define what will happen in our life. In other words, we have the choice to find the meaning ( or reason) within everything that happens to us, which infuses our lives with a greater sense of purpose. Purpose exits in everything. We have two choices in life, allow the unexpected or negative aspects of life to be a curse, or turn them into blessings. Sometimes the events of our lives lead us to such miraculous and meaningful situations that we can't help but see how maybe, just maybe, everything WAS really leading us toward something greater...

In This program I will challenge you to look at your life experiences and see how they have been a driving force in your life so you can see how the puzzle fits together and helps you see your true purpose.

Being Authentically You... There are some people who have a specific talent that is so extreme that it is easy to detect that they were truly "made" to do it. For the rest of us, determining what we were "made to do" can be a little less obvious. Part of this is because most of us are influenced by our families and society to follow paths that we're "supposed" to do. Our roles, careers, hobbies, and relationships are often chosen more because of our conditioning or because we feel we "should" rather than because they are a fit for whom we truly are. It is no surprise that the people who make decisions for their lives based on who they really are and what they genuinely want are more satisfied and more successful. Living a life on purpose means using your natural talents, following your natural interests, and living in alignment with who you truly are. You are doing what you came here to do!

Throughout this program we'll be traversing the "stepping stones to purpose", or the different elements of our lives and selves that play a role in guiding our path and determined our purpose. At the end of this trail of clues from our pasts and our personalities, you will find that you have discovered your greater purpose for your life!

Stepping Stones to Purpose:

*Childhood Influences

*Passions and Interests

*Talents and Skills


*Life Changing Experiences


*Eliminating Limits

*Clarifying Your Purpose

*Writing your Manifesto

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